Belgian guns 

Military regulation guns

Under this heading, we will put together all the Belgian regulation rifles, but also anything related that we will be able to find, like tests reports or further development of this kind of weapon.

The details being sometimes very difficult to find, the order will perhaps not be totally correct, so suggestions are welcome.

Infantry rifle N1

Infantry rifle N5

1815 Sapper's Rifle

1815 Dutch-Belgian Navy pistol

1816/22 Cavalry short rifle

1831 Large cavalry

1833-36 Cavalry pistol

1834 Heurteloup rifle

1835 heavy cavalry pistol

1835 heavy cavalry pistol (civilian)

1848 Thouvenin model

1848 Terssen model

1850 Test pistol

1850 Mousqueton Douane

1864 Wall or rampart rifle

1865 Cavalry short rifle

1867 Albini Braendlin

1868 Terssen

1871/83 Comblain

1877 Nagant pistol

1894 signal pistol Hebel

1886 Instruction carabines

1887 Nagant

1889 Mauser

1907 Mauser rifle "Shooting prize"

1924 Mauser

1934 DBT

1935 Mauser

1936 Mauser

1951 Mauser FN

Mauser FN 24/30 cal .22


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