Comblain short rifle Model 1871-1883

It is a modification of the Model 1871 Short Rifle, mainly involving the lengthening of the forearm, addition of a new rearsight for long distances shooting (1000 m?), a hammer with a crest, a new front band and side ears to protect the front sight.

It will be noted that the rod is difficult to unscrew mainly because it's not easy to catch.

This specimen is dated 1872.

Regimental marking is C 531, of the 1st Guides.

The Caliber is the 11x43R, 7 mm shorter than the Comblain and Albini rifles cartridge .

The stamp on the stock shows, in addition to the date 1871-83 and the ''L'' of Léopold II, the initials E.Q and H.D.

If a reader could identify them, that would enrich our knowledge.


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