Heavy cavalry pistol (civilian)

It could be a “heavy cavalry” percussion pistol because it has a stick with a nail head, the other end being screwed! However, the weapon seems to be for civilian use because it bears no military markings.

Its origin is of course Liège because of the different punches, of which it is regrettable that most are partially erased by wear or too muscular maintenance.

The percussion breech is called “backward” and the counter plate is shaped like a diabolo. This lock with 3 screws and 1 chain spring carries one or two brands of locks: LG and B (so read?).

The barrel bears the marks of outfitters (several vertical or inclined bars), the number 10 which could be a serial number ?, the letter C with a star and a T which could be subcontracted marks.

The interior of the wood bears the mark VC  (wood fitter?).

The trigger is curved under the bridge.

The barrel is short with perhaps “hair” stripes but it is hardly visible on photo. It is equipped with a small curved front sight.

The weapon bears several hallmarks from the Liège proofhouse, namely:

Peron: inspection, in use from 1853 to the present day.

EL in English letters: provisional proof, in use from 1852 to the present day.

In short, a weapon still in good condition, only the little legibility (especially on photos) is deplorable.


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