Belgian Cavalry short rifle Model 1816/22

For those who are not lucky enough to own a copy of the catalogue of the defunct Communal Credit of Belgium of the 1988 Expo, on Belgian regulations weapons, here is some data on this weapon, drawn from note n19.

This short rifle is a copy of the French model of 1822. It seems that since 1830, copies of the French short rifle 1816 were manufactured in Liege. From 1834, it is the modified 1822 version which would have been manufactured, i.e. with some modifications on the hammer, the frizzen and the method for attaching the saddle ring bar.

Again, according to the note, since 1834 the production of NEW 1816/22 SHORT RIFLES was started based on the French Model 1822.

This one does not carry a year of manufacture. A ''C crowned'' controller's STAMP is found twice, the ELG in an oval, and under the barrel the initials JB and JJM.

At the back of lock the letters FM are stamped.

If a reader could identify these letters, he will be welcome!


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