Military flintlock pistol -Early 1800's- .69 Caliber .

Overall length:15.5"- 9'' smooth bore barrel .

Stamped on the Left side “Crowned W” and on the lockplate “Crowned DN ”.

This flintlock pistol is known as ''Dutch- Belgian Navy ” carrying the ''W ''stamp of WILHELM of Holland.

Used since 1815, it was still in use in 1830. It has been replaced by a new typically Belgian Navy pistol, manufactured by the "Manufacture d’Armes de l’Etat" in Liege, carrying the name '' Model 1845.

The fragility of this first weapon for the Navy did not lead to its conversion to percussion in 1841.

The crowned DN Mark is unknown to me; it's probably the mark of the manufacturer. But was this manufacturer was Belgian or Dutch ??

Keep in mind that at the time Belgium was under Dutch domination.


Thanks to "BARSALOW AUCTION" for the pictures.

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