Sapper's Rifle 1815

The Sapper's Rifle Model 1815 is inspired by the Cavalry short rifle Model An IX.

This rifle will still be manufactured for the Belgian army after the Revolution of 1830.

The bayonet is identical to that of the of cavalry short rifle Model An IX.

The steel ramrod is pear shaped.

It is 1m195 Long, weighs 3 kg 850 unloaded and its caliber is 17,5 mm.

The following marks can be found:

On the barrel tang: Ml 1815

On the barrel: GP inside an oval: property of the Provisional Government (between 1830 and 1831)

Crowned JB: initials of the the Belgian government (M.A.E.)controller.

FR: Stamp of the controller of the M.A.E.

1830: year of manufacture or year issued.

The wood stamp is of Jules Pire & Cie (Antwerp).


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