Heavy Cavalry Pistol originally issued as  a flintlock and converted to percussion probably from 1841 by the M.A.E. in Liege.

This gun measures 345 mm, weighs 1 kg 350 and is of a nominal caliber of 17,1 mm.

The attached ramrod is a sign that the weapon was intended for the heavy cavalry.

The weapon does not feature any aiming system .

The walnut stock is covered at the butt by a brass cap and a lanyard ring .


1836: is probably the date of manufacture.

4D with STAR: is probably the stamp of a controller

M: ???seems to be of an hand cut property mark!? Recognition of a user marks?

GB in an oval: ownership stamp of the Belgian government

P 35 crowned: controller's stamp with the last 2 digits of the year.

J in a circle: initials of the 2e regiment of field artillery

385: number of the weapon.


Many thank to the sympathetic nerve exposing of the purse of Wavre which let me take these photographs.

Photos Littlegun

Heavy Cavalry Pistol converted to percussion probably from 1841

I still had some photographs of the pistol of cavalry model 1841. I did them myself with a weapon of the royal museum of the Army within the context of a study which I made at the school.

You have some already, but those show the mechanism.

The small spare part is used to fill the hole which remained after removal of the small pan where the powder was put.


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