Belgian Mauser Model 35

Many thanks to Jimmy for the pictures

Belgian Mauser model 1935, with a bolt of 98K

It carries the following stamps:

Liege Proof house

ELG/Star in a crowned oval: final acceptance, used from 1893 to 1968.

O /Star: countermark of the controller, used from 1877 to 1968.

Manufacture d’armes de l’Etat

CMB 1940 inside a double circle: stamp with initials of the weapons inspector and of the principal controller.

The crowned ''L'' stands for LEOPOLD, King of Belgium. This mark was stamped on the right side of the pistols or rifles stocks .

EGB in an oval: The Belgian Government Test - only on firearms - Can be seen together with the stamp of the Liege proof test .

C in a circle:Stamp of controller of the MAE.


Mauser 1935

This is a Belgian Model 1935 MAUSER ''TYPE'' Military Regulation Rifle manufactured, among other companies, by the FN since 1935, as well as by the M.A.E.

It is a weapon very largely inspired by the model 1924 MAUSER rifle produced by the FN for export.

The rearsight and its ladder are of the traditional type.

The front sight and its base, the front band, the middle band and the bayonet stud are specific to this model.

A small wood hand-guard is retained to the barrel by the middle band and the base of the rear sight.

The triangular bayonet is also of the Model 35.

The weapon is 1 m 10 OA, weighs 4,025 kg and is of a nominal Caliber of 7,65 X 54 mm.


MANUFACTURE D’ARMES DE L’ETAT: This outfit manufactured, transformed and repaired only the weapons intended for the Belgian army, the Civil Guard, the Customs and the Gendarmerie.

STAR/ EGB in an oval: Stamp of the Belgian Government (only on the firearms) Can be found with the stamp of the Liege proof house.

Other punches of the M.A.E should, in my opinion, be discovered on the weapon, on the metal parts as well as on wood.


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