Terssen E.J.B.

Terssen E.J.B.

Short description of Tersen or Terssen rifle (I found both spellings) with back action lock.

The length of the gun from the buttplate at the front of the barrel is of 1364mm.

On the stock is the stamp with the initials of the military gun inspector and main controller “JH”; the other is illegible , and the date of reception 1868.

Breech is stamped 1089 and “JG “and “TL”.

On barrel, both proofs and controller stamps are present, but illegible, it is dated 1867.

The bayonet is of the same shape as the model 1777, but the diameter of the socket is 17mm.

Overall length 530mm, length of the blade 450mm.

Marking on the socket: reception stamp of the “E”regiment: or 5th regiment, dated 1780.

On the blade: “LD” for the controller.

The inventor

Lieutenant Colonel TERSSEN E.J.B belonged to the Belgian artillery.

For this reason, he became director of the State GUN Factory, rue Saint Léonard in LIEGE.

In 1867, he registers two Belgian patents for:

- a locking system for breech loading firearms .

- Modifications made to the locking system for breech loading firearms.

The rifle of his design will know a limited use in the Belgian army.


Markings of the M.A.E.

These must be located at quite precise places:

The barrel: on the lower bore line, 3 cm from the threading: mark of control

On the lower FLAT part lower breech: control stamp

Top of barrel: Belgian government stamp (GB in an lying oval ).

Right side of the barrel: stamp of the military guns inspector (G surmounted by a lion) and marks of the barrel controller .

Lock: stamp on the back part of the hammer.

Stock: stamp on the lower part in front of the trigger guard. If the stock comes from the transformation of an old wood stock, the controller's stamp is placed one cm behind the pan.

Inspector's stamp of the finished weapon: on the right-hand side of the stock, 15 cm ahead of the buttplate. On the right side of the stock, 4 or 5 cm from the last control: the King's cypher, name of the manufacturer, military inspector's initials , initials of the main controller and year of adoption of the gun.

Markings on bayonets

Control stamps at the elbow and on the ring (for those of the 1777 type, Albini etc)

For the scabbard: mark on the frog stud, the blade reinforcement , in front of the locket and on leather close to the locket.


Terssen riffles

This model of Terssen, M1848/68 (lock postpones), is a transformation of the carbine of Hunters Thouvenin M1848; the other models Terssen, rifle Terssen or M1777/68 (front lock), is a transformation of the old Belgian rifle corrected M1777. The rifle was in equipment in the carabineers, rifle to the “Genie”.



Many thanks to the "ROYAL ARMY MUSEUM" Bruxelles for the pictures.

(N° identification : F71 Collection of "Comte de Ribaucourt")

Photos Littlegun

The opening of the swivelling block is done while turning initially this key!!(1244)

The small Lion is the mark of the inspector of the weapons of war of the M.A.E., the letter can be different according to the inspector.

The other punches are those of the inspectors


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