Nagant 1877 Gendarmerie

This gun with two side-by-side barrels works with a Rolling-block mechanism directly derived from the gun invented by Samuel and Eliphabet REMINGTON.

These two, during a trip to Belgium met the (Emile and Leon) NAGANT brothers .

These people agreed on a partnership between the two companies so that the NAGANT sub-contract a part of REMINGTON orders for Spain and Egypt.

NAGANT also obtains the right to exploit for its own use the REMINGTON patent not without having royalties to pay .

Keeping going, the NAGANT Co. obtains a contract from the Belgian gendarmerie for the manufacture of 2.000 guns type REMINGTON-NAGANT which will bear the official designation of "Model 1877"

This gun will be the first one with a metallic cartridge of the Belgian army.

Proof of its success, it will be also be copied by various Liege arms manufacturers, such as William GRAH, Léopold ANCION-MARX and Jules WORSE of Antwerp.

This gunwill remain in service in the gendarmerie until the beginning of the XXe century.

Technical index.

Length: 265 mm

Barrel Length: 140 mm

Height: 185 mm

Calibre: 9 mm Belgian.

Weight: 1 kg 150.


Markings on this weapon are often very numerous, we find in particular:

EM and L NAGANT LIEGE: name of the manufacturers.


Star/ ELG in an oval: stamp BE before 1893.

Lion standing on letter G in a rectangle:  Belgian army controller's stamp.

Crown/JD: stamp  of the military controller for a weapon coming from the civil market.

1638: serial

W: initial of the Belgian gendarmerie.

Framed C and P - STAR/S  : various small marks of workshops (controllers, inspectors etc).

Value in collection.

This weapon built in few specimens (approximately 2.000) is relatively rare on the collector's market ; consequently its price is quite high .



Photographs with the authorization of Mr. Christian Pisart.


Photos "MUSEE ROYAL DE L' ARMEE - BRUXELLES" with my grateful thanks.

Photos Littlegun

"Patent Remington"

A NAGANT GENDARMERIE with "carbin grip"

Photos "MUSEE ROYAL DE L' ARMEE - BRUXELLES" with my grateful thanks.

Photos Littlegun

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