Belgian Cavalry short rifle transformed to percussion and rifled.

Some information drawn from the note n°29 of the catalogue of the CCB printed for the 1988 Expo on Belgian regulations weapons.

This Short rifle, originally issued as a flintlock (see the note concerning the Short rifle, 1816/22), was converted to percussion and was rifled Ca.1865. A flip-up leaf type rearsight (100 m and 200 m) was added. The saddle ring bar has been removed and two sling swivels were added, one being soldered under the barrel. The front band was removed and the barrel was attached to the stock by the traditional screw and a wedge key.

On this undated specimen, the percussion lock is new and has no markings whatsoever, outside or inside. Under the barrel in particular C144 appears.

This gun “ had a long life” and the grooves are only ''guessed''. The barrel is approximately one centimeter too short.


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