1850 Musketon customs

Here a musketon with percussion with its long bayonet, marked GB for Belgian government. Its owner was well inspired by us to communicate the main features of them: overall length 114 cm, length of the gun 75 cm, weight 3.165 kg, gauges 17.5 mm, eight stripes.

Apparent markings are

GB: Belgian government

JP 50 in a hexagon: undoubtedly a hallmark

N overcome of a rhombus: undoubtedly a hallmark

There are undoubtedly still other punches under the barrel.

There is also a macaroon in the stick, undoubtedly that of the "Manufacture d’Armes de l’Etat" in Liege.

One as twice sees the date of 1850, more as probably that of the manufacturing of the weapon.

One sees also a number and the date of 1835 on the butt plate: it is perhaps about a recovery of an older weapon.

As there is no regimental marking of the Belgian army, one can conclude that this weapon was perhaps intended for the Belgian customs. The National museum of the Customs in Antwerp exposed there is a few years a musketon in one of its windows. It would be necessary to be able to compare it to be sure of my assumption.


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