Albini Braendlin model infantry.

Augusto Albini (Italian) improvement of the tilting cylinder head (idea of Montstorm) adjustment of the extractor and its assistant (Germany) Francis Braendlin associates a bolt it the head of Dog. System of modernization of older weapons in 11 mm (rifles and mousket) in 1867 : the model 1777 (hé yes !), 1841/53 and 1853 - who will bear the following names A-B :1777/67 - 1841/53/67 et 1853/67.

Musket and rifle originals : A B 1873

Terssen system: also cylinder head tilting but improved compared to the AB (single extractor in half-moon) Riffle Terssen mod 1777/68 and carbine Terssen mod 1848/68

 The whole carried out by the Manufactory of the State of Liege

Ph. Hausoul                  

Administrateur ASBL Les Amis du Musée d’Armes.

It acts indeed of the rifle of infantry Mle 1853-1867, manufactured since 1867 and resulting from the transformation of a ml 1853 with system ALBINI-BRAENDLIN with loading by the cylinder head. One could adapt a bayonet model 1777-1867 to it shortened for the police force of Belgian Congo.

The punch on the wood of the stick is the stamp with initial of the inspector of the weapons and of the controller principal (the L wants to say LEOPOLD) This seal was put on the right side of the sticks of guns or long weapons.


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Belgian single shot breech loading military rifle converted from the M.1853 percussion system. The rifle utilizes the breech with a locking bolt attached to the hammer-body. Two steel barrel bands configuration with a nose cap. Steel receiver. Adjustable rear sights. Ramp and leaf sight graduated to 1400 meters (resighted for the new, higher velocity M.1880 cartridge). A notch on the extended rear sight slider in conjunction with a stud on the middle band could be used for ranges up to 2100 meters. Complete with original cleaning rod. Matching serial numbers on the chamber, buttplate, rear sight, middle barrel band and locking bolt. The breech displays a different number, which is most likely an assembly number. No numbers on other parts. The barrel displays a date, "1868"(most likely a conversion date). The right side of the buttstock displays a very nice cartouche with following wording, "Crown over L, F.DG. J.D. 1867"(King Leopold). The lock plate displays a maker markings and an original production date, "JH 58". Belgian government property mark is stamped on the chamber, "GB in the Oval" (Gouvernement Belge). Several other Belgian marks and proofs are stamped on the various parts of the rifle.

Overall length: 53.50 inch.

Barrel length: 34.25 inch.

Fusil Albini Braendlin

Ancion Dieudonné

Model Albini Braedlin

The mark "1867 - crowned DA" could very well  stand for  ANCION Dieudonné et Cie manufacturer of weapons in Liege (BE 1842/1867) and which later became  ANCION Dieudonné Fils (BE 1867/1873).

As a matter of fact, this matches both with the initials and years (1867).

From 1844 to 1871 , this company will register/patent thirteen  inventions concerning improvements on breech loading revolvers and firearms  as well as the development of a threading and barrel breeching lathe.


Many thanks to the "ROYAL ARMY MUSEUM" Bruxelles for the pictures.

(N° identification : F462 Collection of "Comte de Ribaucourt")

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