This new part of the site is destined to all antique guns lovers, wether they are collectors, shooters, simple amateurs or even only interested in the techniques used by the gunmakers in the past centuries.

Being only more or less advanced amateurs ourselves, our goal is not to teach people lessons in gunmaking; we just think it could be interesing for fellow addicted collectors to read about our experience on the field of what is commonly called "intelligent repairs and restorations". In other words, those that can be done home by anyone of us, and that are justified as long as they tend to give back the damaged gun as much of its value as possible without alterating its original characteristics.

We also wish to keep this chapter alive and open to everyone. As we do not have the monopole of knowledge and skills, we would have been selfish and presomptuous to be the sole animators in it. All questions ofr any kind regarding the considered subjects are welcome, as well as all critics or corrections, as long as they are constructive.

We would even be glad to receive and publicate for everyone's profit other methods and tips, either better or worse, that would help us to enlarge our modest knowledge.

The most often selected topics will be, of course, those that make the most questions arise among many gun collectors:

- How to make and temper a broken or missing vee spring

- How to remove rust on a fast and intelligent way

- How to make or adapt some inner mechanical parts

- How to make new grips for a revolver or a pistol

- How to repair a broken stock

- How to reblue by heat

- How to make a "flame blueing"


We also think we can keep the chapter live by giving for each subject a description of the basic analysis and diagnostics, and to sustain the different operations with photographs. A more detailed list of tools to be used, as well as a detailed description of some of the used methods, will be displayed in a related chapter.


Tools used for restorations

"OLD" restoration of weapons

9.   Restoration of a revolver "Gérard"

Restoration of a "Bull dog"

10. Restoration of a revolver "Counet"

Restoration of a "Constabulary"

11. Revolver Javelle (Comprehension)

Restoration of a "Lefaucheux"

12. Restoration of a toy carbine Warnant

Restoration (old) of a "Lefaucheux 9mm"

13. Restoration of a Winchester 1886 stock

5. Restoration of a Velodog

14. Restoration of a Marlin 1893 take down

6. Restoration of a Withneyville Armoury

15. Restoration of a revolver Pliers (comprehension)

7. Restoration of a Lefaucheux 2nd type

16. Turning blue in the heat

8.   Restoration of a rifle "Lagauche"



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