Restoration of weapons.


This is a nice Lefaucheux-type revolver, 9 mm calibre with long barrel, probably made at Liège. Blue finish, grip plates in ebony or fake ebony. Nice grey-brown patina on some areas.

I bought this weapon a few days ago, and have immediately stated it had been restored. This could be seen on following details:

- Fantasy copper ejector rod head

- There are NO markings at all, except for the half erased mention "AC ER FONDU" on the cylinder, and the number 12 on the rear part of the barrel lug.

- Perfectly polished, but some small screws show damages caused by a screwdriver, while their blue colour is not damaged at all.

- The trigger guard is too thin compared to the usual ones

- The right flat of the barrel is lightly asymmetric, although the barrel has the same thickness all the way long (I checked with a micrometer)

I would be glad to meet the guy who made the restoration, because he has done a very good job. Yet it is regrettable he had to sacrify all the markings except two. The mention «acier fondu" and the pattern  lead me to think the gun could have been made either by Rolland & Renault, or by Fagnus around 1880, but there is of course no way to be sure. Too bad

Anyway, I'll keep that gun in my collection, for the long-barrelled 9 mm are hard to find; besides, it is a good example of what should and should not be done on the field of restoration.