G P commemorative of the 50e birthday of the Release

Here certainly a weapon little known of the amateurs since having been produced only with hundred specimens, by subscription.

It is thus a GP Capitan “traditional”, but decorated in a completely exceptional way by the engraver G. Perfido.

Technical specifications

Number of the weapon: 245VD00057

Quantity manufactured: 100 parts.

Gauge: 9mm Para

Operation: semi-automatic

Capacity of the magazin: 13 cartridges

Safety: ambidexter

Raise: of the same type as Capitan

Length of the barrel: 119 mm

Length and height of the weapon: 200mm x130mm

Total weight: 925 gr.

Handle: to drown polished and oiled with incrustation of the V of “Victoire”.


On the photograph nº 14 one can notice the effigy of the General Dwight David Eisenhower.

On the photograph nº the 13 (and 12) effigy top is that of the General Charles De Gaulle while that of bottom represents the Marechal Bernard Montgomery, rank which it received on September 1, 1944. Thereafter, it was made knight about the Jumper, like 1st Viscount of El Alamein.

Other remarks.

On the photograph nº 06, one can see the entry of the allied troops in Belgium.

On the photograph nº 15, the procession of the victory in Paris with the triumphal arch,

and on the photograph nº 11, one can see the Navy which hoists together the American flag on the island of Iwo Jima.

On the photograph nº 03, one can notice the punch of the engraver G. Perfido.

This gun was manufactured by the FN and summer sold by subscription.


Photo 3

Photo 6

Photo 11

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Photo 14                                                                   Photo 15