FN 1906

Up to the N 92 272 at least, the FN 1906 pistol was unsafe!

FN 1906

Here is a "purse" type case for a FN 1906 but with an ink marking "Browning 6. 35".

There's also an ink marking from a factory, but what is it?

It seems to be two stylized letters.

Maybe one of the letters is an "M"!

F.N. 1906

Length: 114 mm

weight: 0,350 kg

length barrel: 53,5 mm (2")

Caliber: 6,35 mm (.25 ACP)

Cartridges: 6 shot

Manufacturer's: John Moses Browning

Manufactured in Belgium by F.N. company - single action.

Similary construction to the model 1903, but the model 1906 have a firing pin grip security (last models) fix signs more than 4.000.000 pieces were produce to 1940 and than replaced by the model "Baby"

A strange 1906

With a long barrel