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Pieper Nicolas

Towards the end of the war, the arms manufacturer Nicolas Pieper filed the patent n° 273 570 on 09.07.1918 for a detonator applicable to doors, windows, etc. and intended to produce the ignition deflagration when an attempt was made to open the door to which it was adapted and thus prevent an attempted break-in.

This alarm system consists of 4 parts, a massive cylindrical part, milled and grooved, in which slides a cylindrical shaft, actuated by a handle that goes out and which is screwed into the lock, and finally a spring return.

The set is attached to the door frame by means of 2 wood screws. When the lock is armed and the ignition is in place, opening the door causes the lock to rotate and the fireworks to strike.

Nicolas Pieper was the son of the manufacturer Henri Pieper in Liège. He was registered on the Liège proofhouse from 1906 to 1932.

Annex: sketch of the patent.


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