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Pieper Nicolas

Not so long ago I was doing some research on my late father's pistol and I found a few articles on the Nicolas Pieper guns, yours was one of them.

All the articles state that the Modele 1914 is almost nowhere to be found. If you need material on the Model 1914, I can offer you mine for inspection.

Mine is a 7,65mm, with a regular and a 10shot magazine-handle, all in a perfect condition. I have tested it on our local shooting range and it cycles without any problems.

Dr M. Z.

Maribor, Slovénie


Does there exist a model 1914 of gun N Pieper cal 6,35 Demontant?


I will not answer nor by yes or not!


- the "Dismounting" N.Pieper gun known as is included in the catalogue Alfa 1911 like "Model 1909"; to add to confusion, the "Tilting" manufactured one under licence by Steyr is also known under same name "Model 1909".

- in December 1913, Nicolas Pieper deposits in Belgium a patent for a "dismountable automatic gun, including a barrel completely disengaged and independent from the box of cylinder head, which forms a unit with the rocker."

The illustrations of this patent do not correspond to any N.Pieper gun described in its catalogues. In addition, the bursting of the First World War 7 months later will undoubtedly not have allowed the setting in production of this gun, at least in substantial quantities.

It is probable that this gun exists: one often deposits a patent on the basis of one or several prototypes. Perhaps does our Rumanian correspondent know of it a specimen (in his possession? One can dream...). And I am always in the additional search of infos concerning the weapons of Pieper!

In premium (and appendix) the illustration of the patent in question. As of time that that would wake up memories at a happy collector...


Appendix patent december 1913

And a specimen dated "1914"!!

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