Under all reserves!!


Rifle to percussion whose chimney seems placed at the center of the breech.

It has a rise with cursor. The rod indicates that it is a weapon to be charged by the mouth. Its all that the photographs reveal.

Spangled punch ELG in an oval indicates a manufacture between 1846 and 1893.

Does mark P&CE BREVETES leave me in the expectancy!?

The only assumption of valid manufacturer in time (1860/1870) is company PAHAUT (Albert) & CARMANNE (L) registered with the proof house of tests of Liege of 1863 to 1866.

In 1866, the company repurchases the activity of PAHAUT Albert and becomes CARMANNE & PIRON.

CARMANNE L separates from PIRON and remains registers with proof house of Lige until 1867.

Whos Who does not announce any patent filling by this company what leaves doubts about the exactitude of the assumption.


Many thanks to the "ROYAL ARMY MUSEUM" Bruxelles and especially the section "ARMES PORTATIVE".

(N identification : F163/188sup Collection of "Comte de Ribaucourt")