Neufcour J. E.

Percussion pistol to charge by the mouth with black powder intended for the civil market. The lock is of type “ahead” without mark of manufacturer. Counter-platinum is made up only of only one screw. The barrel with stripes hair is with 8 sides and is fixed by key. The trigger guard is with rest-finger. The stick in walnut is of style worsens with squaring with the catch in hand.

It carries a punch of the proofhouse of LIEGE, namely:

ELG on star with 5 forms in a vertical oval: acceptance of use of 1818 to 1893.

The weapon also carries some marks, namely:

391: it is most probably about a serial number.

J E NR on the barrel: it is probably about a mark of the manufacturer of the weapon or the manufacturer of the barrel? I did not discover this mark in the files, I thus emit assumptions of NEUFCOUR J.E arms manufacturer in LIEGE, it deposited 4 patents arms manufacturers during time 1849/50. I quote this arms manufacturer because the initial correspond and it is only in Who’s Who arms manufacture of Liège!

I III on mounting: it acts in my opinion of a mark of “equipor”, those marked their parts with marks resembling Roman numerals.

The others mark MP sun - NC and V are unfortunately unknown for me, they make me think of marks of subcontractors.