Pretty cassette and beautiful weapons of shooting to percussion!

Spangled punch ELG in an oval was of use of 1846 to 1893.

In Whos Who Arms manufacture of Lige I found two LECLERE!

-LECLERE A. of Vaux Sur Olne. It deposits a Belgian patent in 1877 for an iron for barrels producing a Damas of a new drawing. Vaux/Olne is in the valley of Vesdre between LIEGE and VERVIERS. It was to the 19th century, the cradle of the manufacturers of barrels of rifles.

-LECLERE E.N of OLNE (even valley of Vesdre) It deposits of 1842 to 1863, six Belgian patents relating to the manufacture of barrels in Damas.

They will be difficult to decide between considering there is no first name available on the weapons, that they are same area of the manufacturers of guns and about in the same dates!