Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

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The HEUSE family is well-known among the manufacturers of barrels in particular Damas in the valley of Vesdre near Liege and more particularly in Nessonvaux.

Several members of this family without one being able at the present time to determine the degree of relationship exactly, took an active part in the rise of arms manufacture of Liège, and in particular:

Heuse Arnold registered with the bench of test inhabitant of Liège of 1849 with 1850.

HEUSE-BOVY F.J. of Nessonvaux. It deposited in 1910, a bearing patent on a process mechanically carrying out the synchronic torsion of metals.

HEUSE-DEHOUSSE P.T.J. of Liege, deposited in 1880, a patent relating to the Damas for the barrels of rifles.

HEUSE Gilles & Fils, registered voters with the B.E. Lg of 1847 to 1851.

HEUSE-LEMOINE & Cie registered with bench of test of Liège of 1886 to 1894, deposited several patents relating to a manufactoring process of the Damas, on a provision of mass or ingot being used to obtain the “Damas torché” for the manufacture of rifles as well as a new provision of mass or ingot being used for manufacture of the guns of rifles. It used two trademarks is crowned HL and TWIST PATENT

HEUSE-ORBAN Gilles de Nessonvaux, deposits in 1859 a patent for a manufacturing process of double barrels of steel rifles.

HEUSE-RIGA Fils, arms manufacturer with Nessonvaux (directory 1924)

HEUSE-RIGA manufacturer of barrels of rifles with Vaulx on Olne about 1914.

HEUSE P. of Fraipont, deposits with MAIRLOT L in 1878, a patent relative to an iron and steel mass producing a new fine Damas.

This no exhaustive list, shows with sufficiency the considerable share, taken by the HEUSE family in the manufacture of the Damas barrels.


List of master barrel manufacturer gathered in 1907 in the "Syndicat des Fabricants de Canons de Fusil de la Vesdre", whose registered office was to Nessonvaux

Gaspar Lejeune de Forêt.

Edmont Mairlot de Nessonvaux.

Émile Tomsin de Nessonvaux.

Henri Heuse-Riga de Nessonvaux.

Louis-Joseph Meurice de Forêt.

Jean Delcour-Dupont de Nessonvaux.

Mathieu Waauve de Forêt.

Albert Taxhet-Lejeune de Forêt.

Walthère Baltus-Wilmot. de Forêt

J. Heuse-Lemoine de Nessonvaux.

Arthur-Delvaux-Heuse de Fraipont

Henri Heuse-Saive de Fraipont.

Alexis Noirfalise de Fraipont.

Auguste Higny de Nessonvaux.

Gilles Delcour-Herket de Fraipont

Joseph Delcour de Fraipont.

Bauduin Doyen de Fraipont

Henry Regnier de Nessonvaux.

Joseph Bawir de Forêt.

Joseph et Jacques Moray de Nessonvaux.

Nicolas Nicolet-Delcour de Fraipont

Servais Monthulet de Nessonvaux.

Oscar Lahaye de Fraipont.

Étienne Jo. Richelle de Nessonvaux.

Lambert Maquinay de Nessonvaux.

François Heuse-Méan de Fraipont.

Joseph Vandalem de Chaudfontaine.

Jules Pirard-Ancion de Forêt.

Henri Lochet de Chaudfontaine.

Jean Lahaye-Marbaise de Fraipont.

Jules Delheid de Nessonvaux.

Noël Remacle-Hardy de Nessonvaux.