POUR les p'tit nouveaux "spécialistes de l'ID"

Voila, je mets les photos dans l'ordre des numéros de demande et je les enlève dès que j'ai reçu la réponse.



Dde d'identification 3778

Dde d'identification 3779

My father brought this gun back from Germany after WWII.  It appears to be an old hunting piece, rifle/shotgun (9mm and 16 gauge).  No markings other than proofs on the barrel and from a gunsmith when it was converted to fire cartridges.  Bone pistol grip, deep carvings in stock, mounts for scope and flip up sight, swivels, etc.  I have other pics if it would help.  Trying to find out more about it, maybe a price, might sell it.  Can you tell me who I can contact for this?  I live in NC, USA.    Cliff File









Dde d'identification 37