Garate Anitua Y Cia

Winchester "EL TIGRE"

Winchester 1892

1.000.000 of rifle manufactured between 1892 and 1941.

It is the version reduced of the 1886, made for short cartridges: 32-20, 38-40, 44-40, 25-20 and exceptionally 218Bee.

There are at least three counterparts into 44-40 to announce: El tiger manufactured by Garate Anitua under license in Spain, the counterpart which Browning markets and that of the Brazilian company Rossi.

The El Tigre rifle was a Spanish copy of the Winchester Model 1892 made by Garate, Anitua y Cia., an Eibar based arms manufacturer between 1915 and 1938.

Ironically, it may have been the intensive marketing efforts of the Winchester Company’s agent in Spain during the 1870s and 1880s that led to the El Tigre's popularity in Spain.

The El Tigre rifles were again chambered for the Winchester .44-40 cartridge (known in Spain as the .44 largo)

The top of the barrel is marked with the address ahead of the rear sight and "44 L" at the breech. The El Tigre trademark is located on the left center of the receiver. The upper receiver tang is marked: "MARCA REGISTRADA/-TIGRE-/MODELO PATENTADO". Some weapons don’t have this marking. These are well made, almost identical copies of the Winchester Model 1892 carbine.

Winchester EL TIGRE in Spain army

Garate Anitua Y Cia

Winchester "EL TIGRE"

This rifle El Tigre is rarer, it is the weapon of

The Rifleman

The Rifleman is an American series televised in 168 episodes 30 minutes, black and white.

This rapid fire mechanism was designed originally just to keep Chucks finger from getting punctured by the trigger as he fired and cocked the rifle very fast.

The weapon that made the Rifleman a television legend was an 1892 .44-40 Winchester carbine. The gun itself was specially modified with a large loop and metal tab to turn his rifle into a rapid-firing machine. The modification was made giving Connors the ability to spin and cock the rifle in a dramatic fashion. The trigger guard was retooled with a screw to trip the trigger every time the lever was closed. The gun became an icon for Connors, and today is one of the most recognizable guns in the world.

A feature of the rifle was a screw pin attached to the large loop lever which was positioned so as to trip the trigger when the ring was slammed home, thus allowing Lucas to rapid-fire the rifle, similarly to a semi-automatic pistol. When properly adjusted, this screw “squeezed” the trigger when the lever was fully closed.  I may also add that it is important that the breech bolt on the rifle is fully closed at the precise time that the pin screw trips the trigger. The timing of the rifle action being in sync with the trigger trip is very critical to perform the rapid-firing of a Rifleman’s rifle. In other words the set screw installed through the trigger guard part of the lever must be installed and be adjusted to strike the trip of the trigger at exactly the right time-provided of course, that the action is adjusted properly to work under this kind of triggering. So configured, the lever action carbine functioned as a “slip hammer” gun, as there was no need to squeeze the trigger to fire the shot.

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