Revolver with central percussion “tip up” of Montenegrin type to barrel and cylinder raising upwards for the action of loading/unloading. It is in simple and double action. Its length is 260 mm and the gun of 140mm.

The “pawl-push rod” in front of the mechanism makes it possible to raise the breech carrying a band-width to the top of the cylinder and being prolonged by two claws at the two sides of the thunder at which it is fixed by a screw pivot, claws hanging two pitons interdependent at the end of the stem of the star extractor.

The barrel with 5 chambers is gauged in 11 mm Gasser, it is grooved is engraved of foliage as the remainder of the frame.

The barrel is round and is equipped with an oversize front sight running at the time on this type of weapon. It carries 12 round stripes.

The pear stick is provided with two plates of drowning smooth joined together by a through screw and two rivet washers. The stick ends in a metal ring.

It carries the punches of the bench of test of Liege, that is to say:

Spangled ELG in a crowned oval: acceptance post 1893.

Spangled letter q: countermark of the controller post 1877.

R crowned: rifled bore, of use of 1894 to 1968.

The other marks are more hermetic to me, namely

BC6 in a circle divided into three (read so well): I am unaware of the significance of it.

LG and P12: on the amounts of stick, marks of under treating unknown.

6921: job number.

The inventor: DEPREZ-JOASSART Jean Mathieu founder of malleable pig iron with WANDRE (Liege) of 1857 to 1967 then with HERSTAL street of the Minors of 1872 with 1887.

He is titular of 11 improvement and patents.

The present weapon seems to result from patent 32880 of the 04.07.1873.

This system is often confused with the English HILL system which is however posterior (1878)


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