RETOLAZA Hermanos, Eibar, Spain.

The Retolaza brothers made their appearance in the sector of the guns about 1890, with the inevitable imitation of the revolvers of pocket "Velo-Dog" and it is proven that they formed part of the pioneers of the construction of the automatic guns with Eibar. They took part in the gold rush in 1915 and they continued to build automatics at low prices until the Civil war does not put a term at their activity.


It was a pocket revolver of internal striker of the type "Velo-Dog" built in calibre 6,35 and 7,65 mm. The word "Brompetier" was marked on the gun of round form. This weapon was marketed of 1905 to 1915.


Pistol cal. 6,35 mm with not fixed cylinder head, of the type "Eibar", based on the Browning 1906, but without safety of stick. The slide was marked "Automatic Gun Gallus", while the stick carried a round plate with the inscription "6,35".


The first gun bearing this name was a model "Eibar" of 7,65 mm, provided with a charger with 8 blows and a ring on the stick; it was marked "7,65 1914 Automatic Pistol Liberty Patent", and the word "Liberty" was printed on the grips.


Commercial name of the 6,35 "Liberty". The word "Military" replaced the word "Liberty" on the slide and the grip.


Another commercial name for the 7,65 mm 1914 Model "Liberty" already described. On the slide the inscription "Pistol Automatic 7,65 Paramount Cal was reproduced. 32", while the word" Paramount "was on the grip. This name also appears on two models "Eibar" 6,35 mm based on the Browning 1906; first is identical to the "Gallus", other a slightly different form and its quality is better. Both are marked like the 7,65 mm, with share the calibre.


Calibre 22 short. The stick is round, the safety catch is assembled at the back end of the carcass and the word "Puppy" is printed on the gun.


Another name to indicate the "Liberty" of 7,65 mm; the slide carries the inscription "7,65 1914 Model Automatic Pistol Retolaza Eibar"; on the grips no inscription is reproduced.


With our opinion, it acts of the first automatic gun of Retolaza, this assumption being based only on the name. Indeed, Retolaza was accustomed to choosing names of topicality for its products, and the word "Stosel" is so unusual that one can provide only one explanation about it: the Russian commander who took part in the seat of Arthur Port in 1904 was the General Stosel (his name was writing either with a "S" or with two) Ergo, the "Stosel" was copied from the Browning 1906, and rather quickly, so that the name is recognizable, which suggests year 1906/1907 like goes back to manufacture.


One 6,35 mm identical to the "Gallus", but with the name "Titan" replacing the name "Gallus" on the marks.


This weapon was manufactured in 1913 in calibre 6,35 of them and was probably baptized thus following the shipwreck of Titanic in April 1912. It was another model derived from the Browning 1906. The slide carried the inscription "6,35 1913 Model Automatic Pistol Titanic Eibar", while on the grip appeared the name "Titanic" above a circle surrounding the monogram "RH" flanked of the inscription "Cal 6,35". This model was followed into 1914 of a version 7,65 mm which was only one 6,35 mm raised, carrying the same marks, with share the calibre.


Revolver with box frame, identical to the "Brompetier" that we already described, to share the octagonal gun ready to place cartridges of 5,5 mm Velo-Dog or 8 mm Lebel.


Like the other models "Velo-Mith", this model is a revolver with internal striker, retractable trigger, with higher crack, having the appearance of an automatic because of its reinforced gun which resembles that of the Browning 1901; the grip is square and oblique and the carcass forms a projection at its back end. This weapon is produced in caliber 6,35 and 7,65 mm ACP.

By Hogg


Mod. Velo Mith


Mod. Titanic 1914

Cal. 7.65mm