Tromblon with percussion

The mark of the Belgian bench of test "ELG" is the 1ere mark of the bench of test (1810/1811) that is to say as of its opening!!! Rare!!!

The weapons called to tromblon, extremely in vogue at the 18th century, are handguns or riffles intended to draw with weak range, shot, nails and sometimes even of the fragments of glass.

This weapon is characterized by its barrel out of iron or bronze from form widened towards the mouth.

This widening out, according to the belief of this time, was intended to ensure a broad dispersion of the grapeshot.

Of share the form of widening out also thought about it of being able to direct the load.

However we know now that the grouping is determined by the average calibre of the barrel.

In LIEGE this extremely dissuasive weapon was called "espingole" and was especially intended for brought closer defense.

In England it took the name of "coach-gun" and was used for protection of the postal convoys.

At sea, it could be also used for the boarding or the maintenance of law and order among the crew.

Some of these weapons were sometimes provided with a collapsible bayonet fixed on the top or the side not to deteriorate the shape of the barrel too much.