Revolver which was in equipment in the municipal police force of the town of Napoli (Naples).

After the sale with the public, one erased what was written on the handle: "Comune di Napoli" to make it "civil".

Gauge 10.4 lawful Italian, 6 blows. No indication of the manufacturer, has share the mark: "Brevetto Baston-Bodeo" referring (probably) to the system of action of the trigger developped by Mr. Bodeo (Italian, that which contributed to the project of the Italian gun of ordinance MOD. 1889, commonly known as "Bodeo")

Until in years 1930/35 there was some municipalities which gave to its municipal guards a gun for the service. Economic suitability suggested using the same cartridge as the army, which was delivered to the cost price. It is for that that 1895 up to 1940 the "civil" guns were frequently in military calibre.

Alberto Riccadonna