Revolver with key resembling that of Fagnus

Fagnus have a key, as that of this weapon, but this key makes it possible the side plate of the carcass to open. Much calls that the opening “booklet”.

In this weapon the key is only used to release the axis of the cylminder!!!

It is not the Fagnus patent!!

The weapon is very pretty, it has a completion which of not to doubt is worthy of a good craftsman. But it is not signed and nothing makes it resemble Fagnus, if it is not the shape of the key.

The system of access to the mechanism is not at all the same one, the plate of covering must swivel on an axis located at the back of the carcass behind the hammer, and here it is fixed.

If I remember well the machine elements Fagnus are numbered, it is not the case here!

The left plate of Fagnus is removed easily without tool. Here it is aimed!

Moreover, the FAGNUS does not have safety of the Mauser type on its carcass.

If not the resemblance is rather faithful.

The absence of marking is also challenging.

The advantage of Fagnus is precisely to give a very easy access to the lock and this advantage was removed for only placing one safety which is not used for nothing, remain serious!!

This weapon resembles well Fagnus it is certain and isn't for that that one calls it a copy?

The weapon does not answer the entirety of the Fagnus patent, draw the conclusions .....

Guy & Alain

Serial number: 3 / Weight of the weapon: 995gr / Calibre: 44 Russian / Numbers of the stripes, 5 with the step 508 mm / Diameter at bottom of stripes 10,90mm / Diameter of boring of the barrel 10,59mm / Length of the barrel: 120,7mm / Overall length: 255mm / Overall height: 140mm / Width of the cylinder 38.5mm / Diameter and depth planned for the bases 13,16 X 0,5mm / Diameter with dimensions of bases 11, 62mm / Diameters of exit 11,30mm

Length of the line of sight 155mm.


This revolver has a lock with simple and double action, and is with rebounding hammer.

It also has a safety of the type Mauser.


This revolver is of an excellent manufacture, all the various parts are well adjusted, all screws and bolts are of the type of safety, i.e. with heads with conical chock. The barrel is hooped in the carcass over a length of 70mm and the position is ensured by a fine thread.

Engravings with incrustation of silver wire are of a remarkable realization, but they suffered much from time, as in addition the weapon in itself.

As regards the quantity, having never met similar parts, I deduce from it that the quantity manufactured should limit to maximum a dozen of pieces.


Punch of spangled acceptance ELG in an oval on the barrel of use of 1846 to the 11/07/1893.

Punch of the controller H spangled visible on the carcass and the cylinder of use from the 27/01/1877 up to that point date of the 26/02/1968.

A thing is however odd, a punch V crowned is visible on the circumference of the cylinder, and the carcass.

With my opinion, the weapon having been ordered by a German rich person, manufactured before the German law of 1891, had to be tested twice in Germany.

Concerning the punches E S and J P present on the carcass, in my opinion these are there punches that have can allot to the various private controllers, who act in progress, or at the end of the manufacture.


In here another of the same type!