Small revolver (Puppy) “uneven” hammerless in its case, with central percussion, 5 shots calibre 6,35 mm, barrel and cylinder bronzed black, marbled carcass, gilded accessories (trigger, safety, door...), mother-of-pearl plates.

Punches ELG on star in a crowned oval and letters B under star, PV under lion.

One finds in a catalogue HDH of 1928 a small puppy "uneven" being declined under several versions but, in the specific absence of marking, attribution with one or the other of the many manufacturers of this type of weapon remains field of the assumption.

The weapon was transported at the bottom of a satchel of lady or in a pocket, wrapped in its little bag. What could be more natural to leave this ustensil to answer the injunctions of a gangster who told you "your money or your life? ". The openings practised expressly for the barrel and the trigger allowed an immediate response, the weapon being ready with employment.


Small revolver (puppy) standard Bulldog, with central percussion, 6 blows gauges 320 (the 320 was manufactured also in annular percussion from where a specimen of the 2 existing types of base), engraved, nickelled, gilded, mother-of-pearl plates, dedicated to the owner, at one time not so remote and unfortunately completed, this type of gift was frequent at the time of an outstanding event like, for example, a departure with the retirement.

Punches ELG on star in a crowned oval and letter F under star, large R spangled for rifled bore at the base of the gun, therefore posterior to the 30/1/1894.

The tradesman (probably): Mr. Henrion, on the top of the gun. The dedication on the top of the carcass:

"Monsieur Malaise

Directeur du charbonnage de Wandre"



5 shots caliber 8mm



Puppy from Liège, with embedded trigger, 5 or 6 blows, gauge 320, plates out of rubber?


With the friendly authorization of "Rick Van Riter"

Another Puppy hammerless