Shooting pistol type Warnant

Gun of shooting of calibre 22 short, with long cylinder head, manufactured according to a patent of Jean WARNANT (life 1845/1913) by a manufacturer of Liège not identified because it did not leave of mark on its weapon. At the beginning of the 20th century this type of weapon had much success and was manufactured by several arms manufacturers inhabitant of Liège as testifies to them their catalogues (GALAND - FRANCOTTE - etc)


Markings on the weapon:

- ELG under crown: July 11, 1893 to February 26, 1968

- the perron on the cylinder head, the gun and the dog: provisional test from June 16, 1853 at our days.

- L = punch of the controller.

- FL 22 C = Flobert cal. 22 short???

- below the barrel: 1904 = year of manufacture???

- no marking of the manufacturer

Thanks to Dirk for the pictures