Gun knife

This gadget is probably the combined weapon most widespread.

This type of weapon appeared about 1860, they were marked UNWIN & RODGERS, of James RODGERS of Sheffield and A.PEAVY (USA)

In the tread certain arms manufacturers Belgian, them also, manufactured such objects without however affixing their mark there.

It is the case of the weapon presented, it acts of a model percussion, calibre 36 seems it, the barrels a 75 mm length are in Damas and measurement arms 10 cm overall.

The trigger is folding and the stick very out of metal is finely engraved floral reasons.

One of the barrels is struck punch of acceptance (08.09.1846/11.07.1893) of the bench of tests of Liege, which indicates his origin of Liège to us.

These weapons with percussion could accept only one very reduced blasting powder load and were of a very limited power, the deployed blade measured approximately 4 to 5 cm and was not to frighten large world.

Later certain models were converted with pin (5 mm) then with annular percussion (22 short or 6 mm “bosquette”) what made more serious weapons of them.


In here another, whose manufacturer is quite as unknown!!

The calibre is more or less of the .380

One sees the small punch of spangled acceptance ELG in an oval of use since September 08, 1846 until July 11, 1893.