Flintlock pistol with swivelling barrels.

It is about a pistol flintlock with two superimposed barrels and only one firing device.

Once the first drawn blow, it is enough to turn the key to release the light going to the load of the lower gun.

The lock interior said “to trunk” is provided with a system of safety behind the hammer. It is enough to slip this strip forwards so that it comes to block the action of the hammer.

The barrel can be unscrewed to facilitate maintenance but especially to place the lead ball in the receptacle envisaged to this use (but non visible on the photographs) It is about the system called “to forced ball”. The ball, one nothing broader than the diameter of the barrel, during the shooting was forced in this one what avoided the “wind” is a gas loss which harmed the precision.

The guns carry broad and relatively deep stripes being used to unscrew those by the introduction of a square key. They are by no means stripes for the precision of the shooting!!

Only one right trigger under trigger guard.

Stick out of wooden of drowning finely squared with silver nails planted with the intersections.

The weapon has the punch of acceptance (spangled ELG with 5 branches) of the proofhouse of Liege of use of 1811 to 1893.

I did not notice any mark of manufacturer on this weapon, this one will remain unfortunately anonymous.


Photographs of the collection Frans van Breugel Rotterdam with our grateful thanks