Pistol two barrels "à l'écossaise"

Pair of “Scottish pistol”

This very pretty pair of pistol, with center fire percussion, is of anonymous inhabitant of Liège manufacture. Many manufacturers of Liege of the time, are the last quarter of 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, had this type of weapons in their catalogues. Also named "Brazilian" for export in South America, these weapons existed in various presentations, of most rustic the most sophisticated with.

It is the case of the pair represented here. They are equipped with two barrels in table rocking around an axis. Their heart is smooth and is often gauges 320 or 380 of them. They are bronzed black while the carcass and the trigger guard with rest-finger are gilded and engraved foliage. The stick in drowning is carved of foliage also and an insertion of ivory was placed on the bottom of this stick. The loading is done by swing of the guns forwards as a shotgun, by actuating an oscillating bolt placed under the frame. The weapon is 225 mm long and weighs 600 grams.

On the frame is the punch ELG in an oval of the bench of test of Liege.