Belgian copy of Smith & Wesson

The weapon

It is about a revolver of pocket TIP-UP of the type S & W of Liège manufacture, as the punches of the proofhouse of Liege indicate it (see below)

The smooth cylinder is with 7 rooms of gauge .22 shorts.

The lock only functions in double action.

The weapon opens and upwards rocks for the ejection of the casings following the action to push on the button placed at before inferior of the console.

The block barrel then swivels a hinge into high of this same console.

The trigger without trigger guard is folding under the frame.

The handle consist of two wood plates (walnut?) blackened (distorts ebony?) and smooth connected by a screw and two rivet washers out of brass. It ends in a metal cap with a ring of suspension and its screw pivot.

The whole of the weapon preserves beautiful nickel plating.


The weapon thus carries the lawful punches of the proofhouse of Liege, namely:

ELG on star in an oval: non visible on the photographs, I am unaware of thus if this punches carries a crown or not? It announces final acceptance.

M star: countermark of the controller post 1877.


IMPROVED SMITH & WESSON SYSTEM PAT Feb 7?  does this mark seem to praise an improvement of a patent S&W? Nothing is less sure in the absence of an unspecified patent.

I lean rather for a free copy of a weapon S&W as that was often the case in area of Liège. I do not have an example of Liège manufacture under license of S&W as it is the case for COLT!

JR on a metal amount of stick: mark unknown probably coming from a subcontractor. Those were unfortunately never indexed!